Crown Lengthening Agenda

Learning objectives                      

  • Understand the requirements for Esthetic Crown Lengthening to correct uneven, or excessive, gingival display levels.
  • Learn to make predictable, hassle free impressions, and eliminate remakes EVERY time, which will improve your profitability.
  • See how Functional Crown Lengthening will solve issues of preps being too far under the gingiva, and the development of sensitive or inflamed tissue around restorations.
  • Our goal is, that after reviewing the scientific information, plus doing the hands-on exercises, for you to have the confidence to better diagnose the issues related to crown lengthening, and to do some of the surgical procedures if you chose.

Content areas

  • Case examples of Functional and Esthetic Crown Lengthening, as well as a step-by-step discussion of flap and bone management for these indications.
  • Hands on exercises for Crown Lengthening are done on pig jaws and anatomically correct plaster models.
  • Two surgical videos will illustrate the procedures you are learning.
  • Biologic width, and discussion of its application to everyday restorative decisions.
  • Radiographic diagnosis and treatment planning session.
  • Evidence from the dental literature is used throughout to support the statements made.

Learn details of flap design.


Practice your technique for flap surgery, and specific techniques for suturing, on pig jaws


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