Two-day Immediate Implant Placement Workshop

What's covered in the course:


Day 1: Lecture and hands on with models

  • Discuss the need for Implantology and how it realtes to your practice
  • Basic surgical technique (flap design, suturing etc.)
  • Socket preservation
  • Ridge splitting ridge augmentation
  • Lateral and crestal approach sinus lifting
  • immediate implant placement
  • healed site implant placement
  • Implant restorative protocols

Day 2: Cadaver workshop

  • Implant placement in previously grafted site
  • Immediate placement in an extraction site
  • Socket preservation
  • Lateral approach sinus lift
  • Crestal appraoch sinus lift
  • Ridge splitting/augmentation


“Hands-On” Clinic Portion
• Simple flap, tissue manipulation and suturing
• Surgical bone grafting and site preparation
• Sinus augmentation and bone grafting (both internal and external)
• Surgical implant placement (immediate & after grafting a site)
• Implant restorative protocols

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